Takeda clan samourais history



Aggressive as the fire

Fast as the wind

Steady as a mountain

Quiet as a forest


The TAKEDA RYU roots appeared during the Japanese feudal area with prince Yamoto Takeru No Mikoto, who was a precursor of Aiki. He transmitted his heritage to Takeda Kami No Mikoto who was then in charge of the security of the palace. His son inherited the knowledge before transmitting it to the emperor 6th son, Seiwa Sadazumi. This knowledge was transmitted as an heritage through time and generations till prince Seiwa Sadazumi. His son Tsunemoto inherited this ancien art and demised it to the famous Minamoto general who transmitted it to Yoshimitsu, considered as the real founder of AIki as he gave a coherent structure to the techniques. 



TAKEDA name appeared at the next generation when his son Yoshikyo was appointed to the protection of Kai region (currently called Yamanashi ). When Yoshikyo settled in Kai, he founded Kai-Genji-Takeda. Since this day, the martial arts practice by the this familly was known as  Takeda Ryu Aiki No Jutsu (art of AIKI jutsu from TAKEDA school)



During the XVI th century, Takeda clan was the most influent family thanks to prince Takeda Shingen influence and a second branch of the family appeared : Genryu, which is still alive up to now. Unfortunately Takeda supremacy died with Prince Shingen in 1573 during the civil war. 





 Hopefully, Takeda inheritage was preserved until now. One day, by pure coincidence, Hisashi Nakamura (current Takeda Soke) started in 1948 to train in one of Takeda dojo, in the region of Kitakyushu where his aunt was living. With time, he was formally accepted as a student of the school by Soke (school leader) at that time, Oba Ichio. When Soke Oba Ichio disappeared, the current Soke Hisashi Nakamura took over the soke position.