The Ryumeikan Sobukan is a traditionnal japanese dojo in LIège, in the Longdoz area. It is one of the very few permanent dojo of the city since its creation in 1987. We are associated with Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha school and to the association that is promoting this school, the  Nihon Sobudo Rengokai. The Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha is a versatile school which studies several martial arts in parallel, all of them based on Aikido. The study of all these disciplines helps the students to get a broader approach of martial arts and to get a better understanding of the techniques and mouvements. 

All our teachers are certificated from Japan and got Dan grades in several disciplines. 


Come and try out martial arts! 

 Don't hesitate to visit us and try out the different disciplines we practice. 


Your first course is FREE! You just need regular sport clothes (or a basic kimono if you have) for the first lesson. If you are convinced and want to practice with us, training clothes and all the equipment needed are available at affordable prices.